LIFESTYLE | October 8, 2021


My name is Shawn, founder of a clothing brand based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’ve always liked the idea of experimenting the usage of clothing, and expanding the concept of clothing being just an apparel we wear on our body.

I have some Nike jackets with me and I’ll be turning them into a bean bag cover.

Step by Step

First, Measure the bean bag size and identify the shape you like. Then make a paper or fabric pattern with the measurements you like.

Place the pattern on the jackets and start cutting the jackets into pieces.

Sew up every panels of the fabric pieces you’ve cut out. Experiment with any styles you like, there’s no restrictions!

Once every panel is sewn up, now we just got to fill in the bean bag filler. For a standard bean bag shape like this we’ll need about 3KG of the filler.

And here we go! The 1 of 1 Nike jackets re-worked bean bag is now done. Have fun with it!

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