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adidas Terrace Footwear: From the Pitch To the Streets

From the bleachers to the streets, step into our selection of adidas terrace footwear that has stormed the sneaker world.

Once exclusive to match days, now transformed into streetwear icons, the adidas Gazelle, Samba, and Handball SPEZIAL have been gaining momentum lately, as terrace aesthetics make a comeback.

The Legacy of adidas Terrace 

The Legacy of adidas Terrace 

Adidas terrace sneakers stands as an enduring and iconic shoe that emerged in the 1970s. Initially crafted for footballers, it found its place beyond the pitch, becoming a beloved choice for casual wear. As the 1980s unfolded, it evolved into a fashion statement, particularly embraced within the UK’s casual fashion movement.

The Terrace line debuted with two main models: the Adidas Samba and the Adidas Gazelle. Introduced in 1950, the Samba catered to indoor football with its rubber sole, suede upper, and distinctive tongue bearing the Adidas logo. Its appeal transcended football, captivating both players and casual enthusiasts alike.

Renowned for their sleek design and comfortable feel, the Gazelle and the Handball Spezial emerged as standout favorites. Available in an array of colors, these models became indispensable for casual fashion. As casual culture and the allure of terrace footwear grew, Adidas unveiled a plethora of additional models.

adidas Samba: From the Pitch to the Streets

adidas Samba: From the Pitch to the Streets

Originally crafted for a football match in Germany, the adidas Samba were tailored to combat the snowy and icy conditions prevalent during play.

The addition of suction cups to the outsole significantly enhanced players’ traction on slippery surfaces, proving to be a game-changer.

Following this successful innovation, adidas continued to refine the adidas Samba, culminating in the release of the iconic silhouette we now recognize in 1972.

Since then, the Samba has remained firmly entrenched in public consciousness. In the 1990s, the resurgence of the football casual vibe, propelled by Oasis and the Britpop movement, saw Sambas emerge as the preferred footwear choice.

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adidas Handball Spezial: Creating A Legacy

adidas Handball Spezial: Creating A Legacy

Initially designed for indoor courts, the adidas Handball SPEZIAL stands as one of the most iconic adidas terrace legends.

Making its debut on the handball courts of Germany in the late 1970s, this sneaker swiftly gained traction in mainstream culture, becoming a must-have footwear choice during the football casual movement of the 1980s.

adidas Handball Spezial: Creating A Legacy

Although originally conceived as an indoor athletic shoe without intentions of being engulfed by the football terrace craze, the SPEZIAL’s popularity propelled it into the mainstream spotlight, solidifying its status as a staple sneaker for both men and women, a status it continues to uphold today.

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